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In the worst case scenario, the relationship can also be secretive in a destructive way, and it can be hard for the Virgo man in particular to speak out about any abuse or problems within the relationship. Order or Power or Both?

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Nor is he impressed by her drama — he is as perceptive as she is, and can see straight through to the heart of the matter. Despite not being your typical alpha male, the Virgo man is no pushover for the Scorpio woman, and she appreciates and respects that. For the Virgo man and Scorpio woman, compatibility is well matched in a non-obvious, beneath the surface manner. He seeks order, while she seeks power, but together this couple can create a surprising amount of both. As inscrutable together as they are as individuals, this is one of those relationships which seems unlikely to outsiders, but which works.

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He dated more than I have, but from his relationships, he never cheated and all his guy friends knew how committed he is. He knows a lot of people and is very close to them, so I took their words and saw through him that the words are true. Virgos are charming, but it can be frightening that they can like women a lot, however, the right virgo that finds the right Capricorn, will desire love and committment more than anything. For my virgo, he understands better when I try to tell him something if I create some sort of senario and let him answer for himself what would be the better answer instead of me pushing the answer through his can be arrogant mind.

So he could respect what I have to say and not feel like he has to save his pride. Virgos could appreciate you if you just understand them too. I do think virgos are a great emotionl match for a Capricorn. Just got to find the right one.

Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Virgo Man

Love that about him x. He does not tolerate this behavior… As a capricorn lady i can identify with the statement and over the course of our marriage have learned this to be true. The thing I enjoy about the truth of it is we are better for it. I feel that my husband and I are very different personality wise, my closest family members agree but somehow our differences are very complimentary. My first priority was long term value and investment.

The characteristics of a Virgo man have been very helpful to me in the long run. Over the years he has repeatedly explained to me that the wisest thing I have done for him is given him his space to work out his own shortcomings. I listen and offer encouragement. It may be very difficult for capricorn women to hold such a relationship because it can be very challenging. My suggestion is to share your frustrations with your girlfriend and give the hard working man a break and maybe your relationship will go further.

Good luck P. I am a cap woman and have a child by a Virgo man. The hungry that the Virgo male has for success is such a turn on for me. It like we have never being apart. But for some reason we can never get to together as one. Not sure if we are a match or what??? They surround me like the black plague. I even married one — that ended badly. While I was still married to a gemini — I met my virgo friend.

He was instantly drawn to me and immediatly asked me out, in which I politely turned him down. We became great friends. He was loyal, steadfast and never again over stepped his boundries. I had never met someone that I could be so completely honest with. Its like, I understood his soul. When my marriage ended, we started to see eachother. We took it very slow at first. He was so patient and waited so long to be with me. Since than, neither of us have looked back. I have never been so happy. He is so kind, so understanding and so affectionate.

I instantly know what he is thinking and can tell how he is feeling. It is true, he can be withdrawn and quiet…but he is also so kind and so thoughtful. We have same interests, same political views, same morals, same ethics and we work so well toghether. But we easily pull out of it. Early on in our relationship, I would make him recite each night what he liked most about me and than I — in turn would recite what I like most.

This helped him to open up and talk more about his feelings. I have never had this kind of chemistry with anyone! Each time we are toghether it is electric! We just recently got married 6 months ago and it is still hot and steamy — yet very stable and safe! I am so happy and am convinced that I found my souldmate. I have never felt this kind of closeness with anyone. I am a capricorn woman and recently just met a virgo man, but before him I was dating another virgo man and he was annoying the hell out of me. For some reason, he thought he could control me or sometimes he thought he could think for me.

I had to get rid of him so I told him to lose my number but he still tries to keep in contact with me. But, I totally disagree not all capricorn women and virgo men are a match made in heaven. Anyways, The virgo man I recently met is definitely a keeper for now. I havent connected with someone so fast in a long time it seems unreal and he feels the same. He is such a sweetheart and he keeps me smiling everyday. I am a typical capricorn women.

I can be hard on myself and I close all of my emotions up inside of me. Almost everyone I have dated has unknowingly been a virgo. He was selfish and lets just say he liked women.. The second one was a great guy. The failure of that one I would have to blame on my capricorn nature. I was too hard to crack mentally that I ended up leaving him in the dark about all my feelings. The virgo I am with now is the epitome of charm. I met him in middleschool and we got together over a year ago. He is perfect. He is extremely loyal and reassures me constantly how much he loves me.

He is extremely romantic and smart. I come home to find flowers on my doorstep with a note expressing his care for me and how we will spend the rest of our lives together. Yes, we fight. Which is frustrating to me because he knows how difficult that is for this Cap. Despite the trouble we encounter, he never walks away. He has been with more people than me and he admitts to have had a play mate additude.

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But with me, he takes everything slow and is constantly holding me or touching my face or staring. He is my world. It is truly magical.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman: Nature of Bonding

I met my Virgo man 11 years ago. We made a unspoken pact never to leave each other again. He is more patient with me and I feel like I can open up to him more. I love my Virgo man.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

I virgo was really into a Capricorn woman about a year ago. A few days later I had happened to catch the flu and on Facebook it said she had gotten back together with her ex. I was heart broken and humiliated. Several months later, we happened to be on the same subway and she approached me, saying sorry, she was off for summer and forgot to tell me.

Then proceeded to follow me off my stop and ask me out. She then randomly called me for months after. What insulted me was the fact that she acted like nothing happened during the dozens of times that she tried to contact me before. This was just my experience, hopefully she was just an outlier.

More about me and that virgo.. G was courteous around my family ,,all the time , they loved him…if i mention him anytime, they still love him. G was at the cheerleading competitions for our girls. And can dance, he likes to dance.. U know a man by how he treats his mother..

She made me wait 5 weeks before she would let me step foot near her house and only on the steps. After time, momma loved me, called me and the girls over for sunday dinner…Shoot, every womans dream a mother that likes u and loves u for their son and u like her…. He had his select group of friends, but i was their friend too, and his friends were made to treat me like i was his queen. Imma Cap, intelligent laid back, strong minded, goal oriented.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility | Ask Oracle

Virgo man , he is the only man who has come across my path that was able to wilt me i jus made that up…but he does that for me. Ladies i mean things like coming home from work and he had dinner ready after he got off work, 3 girls sitting doing home work, hearing babe you can can chill. You have to as a cap woman, have a real true virgo man. Its an experience. Its a feeling of constant security , always feeling safe when they are around, not a care because life couldnt be better without him. Intimacy, for him and I ,it was love, we yearned closeness. We couldnt sit and watch a football game without touching a cap woman and a virgo man.

All the time,spontaneous, and never got tired of each other. Each day we lived together I wake up to see him, and I melt …for 16 years. Nothing like my virgo and they wined and dined me.. I miss it, I miss him.. I miss his comfort and reassurance. He has a natural nurturing, and if you respect him, dont be a loud talker in public kind of woman and love him back…Girl please. Well thats enouf for now.. We kept coming together over the years,and finally made it work. He is a dreamer,he withdraws within himself often and shuts me out,driving me batty. He is very creative and talented,and the love I have with him is beyond description.

It makes me feel whole. I feel the happiest I have ever felt in my life. I feel like I could burst with love. He is very romantic and loyal to me,he tells me and shows me every day how much he loves me and appreciates me being there for him. He is a romantic man,despite what the description says. I lavish him with romantic gestures because he makes me feel so loved. I cannot put into words the level of happiness and absolute true love I feel with him.

He was made for me. When we had problems and took a break,we were both absolutely miserable. I felt no reason to move on and find love with another because he always had my heart. We found our way back to each other,and again we feel like we are supposed to be together. Sometimes you just KNOW when you have found the one you were put on this planet to be with,and I have found mine. He makes me absolutely blissful,and I hope and pray you other Cap ladies find and feel this kind of love someday. They are very good at lying and cheating, meanwhile remaining innocent faces.

My fellow lady Caps I appreciate you posting your relationship experiences with the Male Virgos!! I have never been so shocked and amazed in my life as to how on point everything I read on this post was.


I was with my Virgo since and boy was it a rollercoalster ride. He was charming,had many friends but never could stick to one thing.. Too bad we couldnt grow old together and go on more paddleboat rides like we used to but just know your Ex Cap will always love you.

compatibility with virgo male Compatibility with virgo male
compatibility with virgo male Compatibility with virgo male
compatibility with virgo male Compatibility with virgo male
compatibility with virgo male Compatibility with virgo male
compatibility with virgo male Compatibility with virgo male
compatibility with virgo male Compatibility with virgo male

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