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It's time to figure out what your boundaries are. It's easy enough to have rules: You're strong enough to hop into the ring with the best of them if you've been crossed.

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But how do you protect yourself and what you love without going into battle? Reconsider your fears and your worst-case scenarios, and then step forward. All you have to do is be honest, firm, and direct—no gimmicks or games needed. You can't control how others respond and you shouldn't even try. This month, you just need to keep your side of the road clean, my love. Can you tell the difference between your anxieties and your instincts' telling you that something is wrong? The days leading up to this month's Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 9th will kick up a little bit of both, and the best way for you to handle it is with your discerning mind, Virgo.

You need to manage your inner world in order to really show up in your relationships. This month may bring you some mixed messages in your love life, but that doesn't mean that things are bad. Don't assume the worst when you don't understand what's going on! Find ways to calm yourself down enough to figure out what's real and what's narrative. There's no need for you to isolate yourself as you do this, either. Reach out to your fam for some much-needed perspective this month.

Seeking the truth is a noble cause, but sometimes it's futile. While something is true for you, it may not be true for someone else. If you can't accept the very real differences between you and others, you'll feel out of balance this month—especially from the 15th onward. You are likely to be in a battle with your own anxieties, and the worst thing you can do is seek to make people agree with you in an effort to prove to yourself or them that your perspective is accurate.

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You have a right to your feels, but not to making people agree with them, Libra. For healthy and sustainable relationships, validate your own sweet self and find healthy compromises with others this month. While everyone else is scrambling to handle the intense energies that this summer is bringing, you're in your comfort zone, Scorpio. The astrology of this month is calling you to let go, and you're an old pro at that.

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If you've been trying to make sense of what other people are doing or not , then it's taken you off-course. You don't need to know what's motivating others, but you do need to understand what's driving you to stay in the dynamics you're in and handle them as you have been. Honor your feels by taking responsibility for them.

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Freedom comes from having options, so remember yours. You're very likely not a victim or without recourse, so even if you don't love your choices, be strong enough to make the best ones available to you. The Moon is full in your sign but once a year, and it's always a big deal, so on the 9th you can expect to be full of feels.

This whole month is going to trigger big emotions for you, as there's lots of activity in your relationship house, 'Tarius. This can be great for attracting new people into your life, but if you do, expect those new folks to play an intense role moving forward. Don't hide in your relationships, and let them be a vehicle for transformation instead. You shouldn't have to know where things are going to show all the way up.

Determine how you feel and what you want, even if it feels like a huge risk, my love. Your emotional self-care needs to be your top priority this June. No matter how compelling it may feel to take care of work or even to manage your relationships, you'll end up just tending to the presentation of your issues instead of their roots. The little day-to-day things that you do to check in with yourself and make sure that you're doing all right are really important—they are the foundation of all that you love because they dictate how much energy you have for connecting with others.

Daily Horoscope: November 23th - November 25th

This month, your inspiration should come from that image they show you on airplanes of the lady putting the oxygen mask on herself before she assists anyone else in an emergency. Love yourself and loving others becomes easier, Capricorn. Love is a process, so let it unfold. Venus enters Taurus on the 6th, and that can be low-key annoying for you, Aquarius. This month you find yourself agitated by things people do, or the way they do them.

This makes it a kind of a hard time for first dates if they're structured, but it can be great for spontaneous meetings. The trick is that you need to get out of your own way. If you're too focused on what you want, you'll see only evidence of its absence. Let your fortunes reveal themselves to you slowly, even if you find that maddening. Nothing needs to be perfect now, or even tomorrow.

Learn about what makes you tick from the very things that bug you. Everything can be leveraged into a growth opportunity if you're looking to see it that way. If you feel as if you're being pulled in so many directions that you don't know what to do, that's because you are. Is Astrology Scientific? Reflect upon the events of the past month and decide where you go from here.

Avoid people who are upsetting to you and stay close to the places you feel comfortable in as you recharge your spiritual batteries. Put your favourite music on the stereo, light some candles and create your own heaven on earth. Benefical colors are midnight blue and silver.

Lucky numbers are 3 and Fri Nov 2: Slow Motion Life may feel as if it's in slow motion today; try to enjoy the temporary change of pace. The Earth really is turning more rapidly than it used to, causing us to lose a few seconds with each year that goes by. Fight this trend by pretending you are molasses Don't let anyone rush you today.

Favorable colors are sunset pink and lavender. Lucky numbers are 21 and Sat Nov 3: Butterfly You're a butterfly emerging from a cocoon as your high lunar cycle begins today. People will notice your charm and magnetism and be attracted to you, so if there's something you want, ask for it now! You should have all the strength and energy you need to accomplish your objectives.

Move forward in confidence and with courage!

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Fortunate colors are blush pink and rose red. Lucky numbers are 1 and You can nurture, create and emote to your heart's content, and people will love you for it. Sometimes people are frightened by your rich and potent emotional life, but the tears and laughter are the sunshine and rain that are so crucial to human growth and development.

Make no excuses, or apologies. Fortunate colors are ruby red and golden honey. Lucky numbers are 19 and Mon Nov 5: Balance Try to find a balance while the Moon passes through your second house of personal finances, threatening noble Jupiter and challenging deceptive Neptune. You may be giving away too much, whether it's tangible or intangible things. Then again, this is a potentially spiritual time for you. Just remember, you don't have to give away everything and join a convent to be cleansed.

Auspicious colors are spring green and desert sand. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8. Tue Nov 6: Mercury Retrograde The next three weeks may bring snafus at work and troubles with your health as Mercury turns retrograde in your sixth house. Double check everything and get second opinions as the Winged Messenger goes astray. This is not a good time to begin anything new, as misunderstandings and confusion reign.

Pay attention to detail and make sure all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted. Healing colours are dove grey and periwinkle blue. Lucky numbers are 6 and How hard is it to get anything done during this cosmic conflict! The best solution is to do a bit of both: work hard, then play hard to relieve the stress. You can come up with creative solutions for your problems, with a little bit of brainstorming today.

It's time to think, think, think! Benefical colors are terra cotta and bronze. Lucky numbers are 11 and Thu Nov 8: Gabfest The Moon enters Virgo and your third house of communications today, making you more talkative. Take this opportunity to respond to your phone calls and e-mail; you'll be extra efficient and effective with words. Someone at work may get on your nerves, by saying something that doesn't sit right with you; let it slide if you want to make a good impression on your higher ups.

Favorable colors are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and Fri Nov 9: Silly Persons You can enjoy today's energy, no matter how frantic the pace of life might seem. Plan to meet a friend for lunch and talk about silly things; there is no need to stay serious all the time, so let loose for a while. Pick the brains of someone older and wiser.

If you're the oldest person you know, you'll be surprised at how much wisdom can come from the mouths of babes. Fortunate colors are lemon yellow and lime green. Lucky numbers are 32 and Sat Nov Happy At Home You'll be quite happy at home today, as the Moon transits your fourth house of home and family; however, your mate may want to go out on the town.

You'll be torn between what you want to do and what your most significant other desires. Don't go out if you think you will be miserable; that will only start a fight. Be honest about the way you feel, and don't be hurt if you spend the evening alone this time. Advantageous colors are pale green and oyster.

November 25 Birthday Astrology

Lucky numbers are 4 and 6. Sun Nov Honesty Avoid a fight by being honest today. If you don't feel like socializing, just say so -- it's better to be up front about it. You may be in the mood for fun tonight, so don't rule out evening activities. Take care of the things that are important to you early in the day and then try to come to a happy compromise tonight. Favorable colors are pearly white and teal blue.

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  4. Lucky numbers are 15 and Mon Nov Ego-boosting Attraction You may feel like even more of a homebody than usual as the day begins; don't leave the house if you don't really feel like it. Then again, your family may be driving you nuts and leaving the house may be critical to your sanity! Be sure to find plenty of time to rest and regain your emotional balance as cosmic pressure increases. The passionate Moon slides into sexy Scorpio later in the day, so be ready for an ego-boosting attraction.

    Creative colors are aubergine and crimson. What a great chance for a new beginning. Your creative juices will surely be stirred. Passion, for better or for worse, is practically guaranteed. Go with the flow, because one way or another, change is going to find you. Erotic colors are deep purple and rich red. Wed Nov Get Busy It's off to work you go, so clear your mind of dreams and fancies and get busy. Appreciate this opportunity to simply serve and work where you're needed: many of you have had too much time to think lately.

    Chores that involve very little skill will be therapeutic today. You might even have a chat with God or your own personal goddess while scrubbing out the shower. Auspicious colors are cobalt and sable. Thu Nov Home Cooking If you're stuck in an office, spend the day cleaning your desk. You'll look busy, so no one will know the difference. Home sweet home is likely to be the most pleasant of places this evening, so if you do feel the urge to entertain, invite someone special over to sample your home cooking. Fortunate colors are steel gray and cornflower blue.

    Lucky numbers are 14 and Fri Nov Rats Or Rugrats? The Moon enters Capricorn and your seventh house of marriage and partnerships, placing the focus on your partner.

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