Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius

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Those potentials are maybe not apparent to you, and they are far from developed, but this is something that can be expanded, only if you look into some numbers that mark your life to the certain extent. That number is your date number that is compatible with your personal Zodiac sign; when this information is seen and represented in some acceptable level, things become clearer, and you can work on them. Today that number is 15, a month is November, and Zodiac sign in question is Scorpio.

You will see, as you progress with the reading of this piece that these people who celebrate their birthdays on this day, have many Scorpio characteristics. As far as come to all Scorpio people, and this is also true for those who are born on November 15, you must understand that all of them are unique and require a lot of patience to understand them.

If you are in a relationship with them, then you must learn how to understand it and accept it as it is. This is because Scorpios are very difficult to change. These people continuously expect thing that will change their lives in some way; some would say that they are awaiting the apocalypse that will come sooner than they think. It seems that explosions of all kinds are continually occurring in their lives, and they can be accused of eccentric behavior — these Scorpios born on November 15 are dealing with everything with passion.

These persons who are born on November 15 are people who are incredibly patient — and even if their strong temperament pushes them to behave erratically, they can wait for the right things in life. They can act as over-calculated persons, as someone whose whole life depends on only one single mistake. Fear plays a vital role in their caution, as these individuals know exactly what to fear.

They are also known for their aversion.

Personality and Character

If you betray or destroy something that they built in the life together, they will surely avenge you. They can do this by verbally attacking their lovers, talking about them behind their back and doing other humiliating things. But these people can be charming whenever they want, and by being manipulative, they can quickly turn against you, without knowing it.


Scorpios born on November 15 regularly face life challenges and various experiences in intensive encounters with people who have not met before. Therefore, it is very important for these people to be prepared whether it is a general readiness for unforeseen circumstances or conscious planning of certain events. This is particularly important when it is translated in their love life that can be very turbulent and exposed to jealousy and many problems.

Dhanu rashi saptahik rashifal 15 november se 21 november 2018/Sagittarius horoscope

Those who belong to the November 15 are people, who are considered to be very reasonable, and the people who have good judgment, and individual business skills that can complete each venture. They are more interested in different things than regular nine to five job.

Venus enters Sagittarius

They love to be on the move and can be a good writer. These Scorpios also love science very much and are interested in metaphysical things, mainly all those things that invisible and supernatural. For others in their work environment, these people represent the great authority. In theory, these people might be good doctors or a part of the medical staff, but the practical side of that call does not suit to those who belong to the November 15 which will stop them from even entering that field.

If you are dealing with a business, it would be the best possible option for them to have a partner who will deal with all the details that do not suit them. They are grateful for what they have and can spend money comfortably when they have it. These people often make their life great and enjoyable; they have a lot of friends, and are inventive and smart human beings.

Those who belong to the November 15 like to be mysterious and will have to obliterate some things. Or , um, best not say. In my 7th. Aggressive guru showing up? Who knows.

Both the moon and Mars will enter Pisces today!

I moved miles w mars in aquarious h 6. Neptune is not just delusion or illusion, it can also be our access to higher realms; regressive return to the oneness of primordial oceanic fusion vs transpersonal oneness. Venus at 25 Libra in mid-November coincides with the end of preliminary filings of a sealed grand jury case brought by the Meuller investigation before Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell of D. The speculation is that the case seeks to get the president to testify before a grand jury. This is just one of many astrological indicators which that a constitutional crisis will develop in mid-November.

My graduate department moved the comps exam to Nov Hashtag big mood all around. Natal Venus in Scorpio opp Chiron. The Jupiter in Sag in my chart appreciates the grand heroic narrative described in the changeover from Scorpio to Libra. This will be at 20 degrees Cap so back and forth ending close to that degree. Sorry, ephemeris not available. However, it will be quite awhile before Ur is at 20 degrees, so not sure the pile up at 20 Cap will even trine. Saturn cuts away the non essential and has profundity so I think it will focus, narrow in snd demand hard lessons about traditional power structures and the deep work Pluto has been slowly churning.

November 15 Birthday Astrology Profile

Maybe reigning that in? It will start breaking things down systemstically getting ready for a new order in Aq. Is my take. House placement makes this most interesting and more personsal. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Astrology Podcast is a weekly show featuring discussions on technical, historical, and philosophical topics related to astrology, hosted by professional astrologer Chris Brennan.

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Chris got more assistant applications than anticipated, and it is taking a while to go through all of them and get back to people.

November 15 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

Chris finished building a new podcast recording studio recently, and you can see some preview pictures on our Instagram page or a short little video on our Facebook page , and another on our YouTube Page. Chris and Leisa recorded a series of video and audio horoscopes for each rising zodiac sign for November. Major Astrological Alignments for November of Here are some of the major transits for November that we cover in this episode: Uranus retrogrades back into Aries November 6 North Node moves into Cancer November 6 as well. True node? New Moon in Scorpio November 7 Jupiter moves into Sagittarius November 8 Mars moves into Pisces November 15 finally completing Aquarius time Venus stations direct and Mercury stations retrograde November 16 Sun ingresses into Sagittarius November 22 Full Moon in Gemini November 23 Neptune stations direct in Pisces November 24 squaring Mercury all month Auspicious Electional Chart for November The auspicious election this month that was chosen by Leisa Schaim is set for: November 10, at AM with Sagittarius rising There are a few more electional charts that we found for November, which are available in our private subscriber-only podcast on auspicious elections that was released today.

Timestamps The forecast section of the episode begins at about 43 minutes into the recording.

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The auspicious electional chart is discussed around or so in the recording. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit Email.

astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius
astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius Astrology november 15 sagittarius or sagittarius

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