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Gemini Zodiac Sign in Astrology - Meaning Explained

This then leads to the tendency to create numerous options for themselves, which can manifest as difficulty in decision-making, or as becoming scattered. Too many choices end up proving the argument that less often equals more. This propensity to change their mind, or hold apparently contrasting opinions has lead Gemini to earning a reputation for being two-faced, unreliable or fickle. Whilst all of that may possible, it is often untrue, and does not do justice to the true motivation of this sign.

Geminis prefer to keep their options open, which can mean allowing for a multitude of possibilities within any given circumstance. The need for options is paramount, and even if the Gemini individual has no real intent on taking a certain path, they need to feel they could do should the opportunity arise. Rather than choosing one career, one option, or even one partner, Gemini may feel more comfortable seeing themselves and life situations in a constant state of flux.

Knowing that change is inevitable, Gemini will be more able to focus on current circumstances and relationships in their lives if the feel that there is room for life-renewing change. With the potential for surprise around every corner, they can then happily adjust to what is in front of them now. Trying to limit Gemini to a set number of outcomes can be problematic, and lead them to develop a degree of nervous tension without knowing why.

This is a sign which is highly prone to episodes of anxiety based on too much or not enough mental stimulation. At their best Geminis stay balanced through experiencing a steady stream of stimuli without taking on too much. As an intellectual and rational sign, Gemini is on the one hand likely to be concerned with analysis, figures and facts.

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This concern for facts and figures can manifest at its simplest level through becoming a conduit to move gossip or trivial information around social circles and groups. At a more refined level, it can operate as the gathering of facts, data and information to be used for complex analysis further down the track. This can be the position of the researcher, writer or accountant — someone who gathers information for the benefit of all concerned. Commerce and trade also fall under the influence of this sign, and individuals who work with figures, finance and exchange may have strong Geminian influences.

Usually quick-minded, those born under this sign have a natural aptitude for keeping abreast of changing conditions, and can making lightning fast decisions based on logic and intuition when they are free of any emotional involvement or potential limitation. For other Geminis this capacity for logic will express through pure communication, and bring talents in any field involving words or self-expression. Gemini has a natural wit and love of gathering facts that makes all forms of communication an easy avenue for self-expression.

With a strong fascination for anything bright, shiny and new Gemini can find great delight in the latest gadget, headline or turn of phrase. The desire to accumulate information meets with the desire to spread that around, and the journey under Gemini will involve finding concert ways to share information with others or make use of this agile mind.

Many writers, promoters, marketers and agents are born under this sign, preferring to work in environments where the capacity to adapt and keep abreast of constant change are assets to be used on a daily basis. On the other hand, Gemini can also be prone to episodes of high irrationality and changeable moods that serve as counterbalance to such levels of analytical thinking. As much as this is a sociable sign, the need to reflect and go within is also highly pronounced. There will be times when the social drawbridge must be closed in order to process complex states of mind.

Reason can quickly follow eccentricity in the sign of The Twins. Thus the Gemini individual is likely to be continually moving between rational and irrational reactions to episodes within their own psyche, exploring the myriad of possibilities presented throughout an entire spectrum of potential responses. Having analyzed all possible outcomes and responses from within, Gemini can then return to the bright and bubbly social mode of being that is their natural birthright. Excitation quickness for Gemini: the chameleon.

The Excitation quickness reaches its climax: brisk, flexible, free-flowing reactions, hyper-adaptability to the variety of stimuli from the outside world. One flits from one thing to another, comfortable with change, movement, diversity, transformations.

Natal Saturn in Gemini

Everything stimulates, galvanizes, interests, anything triggers enthusiastic reactions. Optimal convertibility, multi-faceted unpredictable behaviour. Sense of syntheses for Gemini: the one-man band. Excitation reduces Inhibition to the bare bones. The refusal or the active surpassing of antagonisms allows everything and everyone to meet freely. The most heterogeneous elements mingle naturally, each of these being fully autonomous while connected to the others by an overall dynamics that combines apparently irreducible dualities. Humanism is instinctive, universalism is spontaneous.

The contradictions that emerge from opposing viewpoints can even out from the moment everyone respects the basic freedom of the other. The libertarian-one-man band is curious, receptive, unreservedly open to everything. The chameleon-one-man band is an impulsive elf, a multi-faceted harlequin, a versatile lover of surprises.

Eliminating Inhibition weakness for Gemini: the exhibitionist. Like a feather in the wind: no center, no interiority, no depth.


Unadapted Inhibition slowness for Gemini: the intellectualist. Like for Aries, there are two possibilities. Incommunicable, unverifiable abstract hermetism. Ultraparadoxical phase for Gemini: the misunderstanding. Sometimes I think we're alone. Sometimes I think we're not. In either case, the thought is staggering. Gemini is mutable changeable in nature and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Geminis express their element of air and their rulership by Mercury the messenger in becoming great communicators.

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They are known as prolific talkers and are sociable in the extreme with their quick minds darting from one concept to another making instaneous connections. They are articulate, witty and slightly mischevious. In mythology, Mercury or Hermes as he was known, in greek mythology was often up to no good playing tricks on the other gods.

gemini astrology chart Gemini astrology chart
gemini astrology chart Gemini astrology chart
gemini astrology chart Gemini astrology chart
gemini astrology chart Gemini astrology chart
gemini astrology chart Gemini astrology chart

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