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The Astrology linked to this historical decision reveals the Sun in Libra which speaks of new laws and a significant adjustment to the justice department. Venus in Scorpio retrograde and conjunct Mercury reveal what might be deemed the fine print and deeper reality that exists within the context of the ideals that support this act. Positively, there are indications that it will be good for the economy. Negatively, it reveals that criminal activity at every level is likely to continue and perhaps even increase, which is common where ambition, power, and greed share close association and especially where committing crimes requires more organization than before.

One of the more technical questions regarding the astrology of the official moment is what time to use when casting a chart. Given that there is a 4. Some might argue that a different chart should be cast for each time zone. From the standpoint of the country as a whole, the time would be 3 am EDT on October 17th which equals midnight or the official calendar start of the day in B. From this perspective, it is worth noting that the Moon is Void-of-Course at 29 Capricorn and Chiron is also positioned at 29 Pisces.

How careless of the government not to recognize the importance of the official moment. You want love and passion too.

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Yet, in this case, a passionless love will likely prove disappointing. This cycle will not only continue but will deepen over the coming weeks. With Mars in rebellious Aquarius, Venus retrograde in Scorpio and Uranus in bullish Taurus, your patience may prove unpredictable. You are in a creative mood, yet you have work to do. These efforts will be directed towards establishing a stable, healthy and satisfying relationship. To get what you want, you will turn on the charm and perhaps the seduction too to lure prospects in.

What you feel you need and want may change progressively over the coming weeks yet excitement and passion will win. Despite deep changes steadily churning in the background and which are processing a veritable metamorphosis of your very being, you are happy to play in the forefront. Yet, it is not all fun-and-games as the drama quotient is running high.

As well, you have work to do which includes how to handle difficult situations and complex personalities.

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You are happy to hover close to home in this cycle. Oh, you can manage some short bursts of social activity, especially with family. Yet, enjoying the majority of your time in your nest, den or cave will soothe your soul the most. All the while, your ambitions are strong.

Weekly horoscope October 19 – 25

Deciphering what you truly want and need is the challenge. One thing seems certain: you want to move on, somehow. A busy cycle continues. Yet, this may not seem so apparent to others. If something upsets you, take a deep breath before you react. You can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar. The Aries full moon on October 13 brings you to a crossroads.

Stick to the facts, keep your perspective in all conversations, and keep a long-term vision in mind. Now more than ever your perceptions are creating your reality. Release painful memories and perceptions surrounding success and failure that color your worldview.

This is a new cycle for matters surrounding home, family, domestic partnerships, and your sense of security.

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Mercury stations retrograde on October 31, suggesting ghosts of the past could resurface so you can confront them honestly and find out what security truly means to you. What you seek is closer to home than you think.


Standout days: 13, 20, 21, 23 Challenging days: 7, 14, There's something you still need to know! Ask an experienced psychic. Note: Ketchup helps. You might disagree with a friend or a member of a group about how to deal with a certain amount of money or some property or resources. But is it really worth getting your belly in a rash? You might lose a friendship over this. Is it worth that? Avoid disputes with bosses and parents today because you will probably lose more ground than you gain. People never forget their enemies or their defeats.

Can you? Avoid controversial subjects like politics, religion and racial issues today because people are just itching to have a fight. And resist this urge yourself.

Leo October 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

Just be cool and mellow. Consider your own peace of mind. You are open-minded and imaginative.

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You are also focused, determined and strong-willed. You will speak up if challenged. This year you will simplify your life and build solid foundations. Hard work and effort pay will pay off.

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Focus your energy in one direction. Physical exercise is important. Explore yoga, martial arts or jogging — any physical discipline that you enjoy. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience.

october 19 horoscope leo October 19 horoscope leo
october 19 horoscope leo October 19 horoscope leo
october 19 horoscope leo October 19 horoscope leo
october 19 horoscope leo October 19 horoscope leo
october 19 horoscope leo October 19 horoscope leo

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