4 january 2020 taurus horoscope

How Does Saturn (Shani) Planet affect?

Saturn Transit 2020, 2021 and 2022 – Capricorn on 24th January 2020

If you are single, the hope of finding someone increases towards the end of , when you are going to meet someone special at a party organized by your relatives. You might start an extraordinary relationship! During the first month of the year, do what you consider is the best for yourself, not what others think you should be doing.

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Someone dear from your family helps you realize some important aspects regarding your wellbeing. The Taurus natives will go from a pronounced romantic mood to sadness and disappointment in their personal life. Instead, with Venus and the Sun in the career house, the Taurus might achieve success at work. Health-wise, the Taurus natives may sometimes feel that their tonus is great, to feel exhausted and eager to have more time to relax right after. March brings minor, but unpleasant problems. Otherwise, combined, they might form a jumbo, which might be hard to overcome later.

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Love, also, is not free from conflicts, so you should be very careful with what you say and do: you are stepping on a landmine! Staring from 15th of April, Venus brings harmony in love.

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Unfortunately, in your career, a stagnation period awaits you. You are not doing great with your health either, you have a slow tonus, both physically and mentally. For you, May is going to be very stimulating because Mars comes to lead and makes your blood boil. In the first part of the month, Venus helps you be in shape professionally. At work, you are full of ambition, force, and determination.

Saturn Transit From Sagittarius to Capricorn on 24th January 2020

The Sun eclipse from May 10th makes you prone to accidents. Energy, magnetism, and luck remain at a high level during this month. Keep your savings until the end of the month. In love, you enjoy stability and you know how to settle conflicts with efficiency. A demanding and tiring month is waiting for you at work.

2020 Taurus Horoscope

More rest and a healthier diet can help you recover. In love, you quit getting into conflicts once Mars leaves the house of love, so you are enjoying full harmony. Now that Saturn is in a balanced astral conjunction, your love life also starts to stabilize. Single Taurus natives will have the planets on their side, so love matters are simple and pure. The true meaning of love is revealed to them. Marriage is the next logical step for Taurus natives who are already in a relationship.

They will finally take their partner to the altar and seal the deal. The relationship will evolve to something better and complete. This year brings undeniable opportunities for Taurus natives. In any case, the situation is much better than then the last years. Your family will ask you for money from time to time, and you should help them. The last thing you need is a financial crisis to take you out indefinitely.

A promotion might be in store as well. Professionally, you want to demonstrate your worth, to learn and get better. As opposed to the past, you are now much more determined and incited to perfect your craft and be productive. Try taking on a new hobby or get your interest up in a different field of work.

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A passive income is nothing to throw aside. During the summer, your desire to escape the routine of your present job will go through the roof.

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  5. You will want to change your job right then and there. There is a lot of stress and pressure attached to the idea of a Taurus working non-stop. You need to take a step back and learn how to relax. Free time is supposed to be used to forget about work, not ponder on it. You should try finding a couple of outlets where you can pour your spare time. If you change many things in your life, it might not be good in the long term. As a matter of fact, you have to achieve a state of balance between the two — profession and relaxation. Keep your diet smart as well.

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    In , Taurus natives have to control themselves, to not give in to impulsivity and stubbornness. At work, people will often belittle your efforts or be envious of your productivity. Learn to let all of that go, and only focus on your own goals.

    4 january 2020 taurus horoscope 4 january 2020 taurus horoscope
    4 january 2020 taurus horoscope 4 january 2020 taurus horoscope
    4 january 2020 taurus horoscope 4 january 2020 taurus horoscope
    4 january 2020 taurus horoscope 4 january 2020 taurus horoscope
    4 january 2020 taurus horoscope 4 january 2020 taurus horoscope
    4 january 2020 taurus horoscope 4 january 2020 taurus horoscope

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